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About Madarang Hoort & Associates

Madarang Hoort & Associates is a full-service, trustworthy and dynamic law firm that specializes in a variety of legal disciplines. We have been providing comprehensive legal services to the Portland area since 1990. As a result of working with our exceptionally talented team of lawyers, our clients achieve remarkable results.

We are an adaptive and modern law firm for a changing world. Our team is consistent, patient, and professional, ensuring that each new case receives the specialized attention it deserves. Our priority is to work closely with our clients, properly advising them of their options, so they can make the decision that is right for them, with respect to their legal needs.

Attorneys Handling Family Law, Estate Planning, and More

Protecting the interests of Michigan families is the priority at Madarang Hoort & Associates Law Offices. We often represent people who are in the middle of a personal or family crisis. We understand that the legal issue that brings you to our office is important and could affect your finances and relationships for the rest of your life. As your attorneys, we will do everything we can to help you obtain the best outcome possible under Michigan law.

Straightforward Advice From Experienced Lawyers

Many people feel intimidated by the legal process. You may be concerned about how the outcome of your case will affect you now and in the future. Our lawyers speak plain English. We will explain the law clearly so you will understand your options. We will give you the pros and cons of each possible course of action so you can make good decisions.

At Madarang Hoort & Associates, we genuinely care about the people we represent. Our attorneys work together in a collaborative environment that helps us protect our client’s interests no matter what types of legal issues they may encounter. We see our clients as more than cases; they are our friends and neighbors.


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